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Noah Montgomery has quickly become an elite golf instructor in Northern California. He coaches top-level golfers of all ages, ranging from 5 to over 70-years-old. Noah has students who compete on the PGA, European, Asian, Asian Development Tour as well as the Ladies European Tour, Symetra Tour, the Cactus Tour in addition too several Division I Collegiate players. Noah has a comprehensive knowledge in biomechanics, motor function, and psychology. Combined with his background in Law Enforcement, Noah offers a unique well-rounded approach to golf instruction.

John Catlin

Currently plays on the European Tour, turned pro in 2013. He recently won three European Tour events, his maiden win at the 2020 Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucia Masters at Real Club Valderrama, then the 2020 Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and the 2021 Austrian Golf Open. In 2018 on the Asian Tour, John soon clenched his first victory at the 2018 Asia Pacific Classic, followed by 2 more wins that year. Due to his performance, John earned his European Tour card for the 2019 season. At the end of May, Catlin will be playing at the 2021 PGA Championship in North Carolina.

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 In my 24 years of playing golf, and almost 20 Years of receiving coaching, Noah Montgomery is by far the best coach I have ever had in regards to working with the entire player!! I wouldn’t be where I am as a player and a person without him.


John Catlin

2-time winner on the European Tour and 4-time winner on the Asian Tour

Noah has been a true mentor to me. He has helped me overcome my mental blocks about my swing and taught me how to handle myself under the gun. All of our work together has led to my three wins on Asian tour within the last year that we worked together, breaking my 3 year drought.
I did not know the true meaning of “never say die” until I met Noah. I’m proud to have Noah as my mentor in golf and in life. I am very lucky to be a part of Team Hit With The Truth.


Gaganjeet Bhullar

European Tour player and 9-times winner on the Asian Tour

“Noah has knowledge about the golf swing that many search for and few obtain, and a mastery of that knowledge that few posses and fewer seek. His knowledge about golf is only surpassed by his understanding of its application and his commitment too his students. His generosity and his willingness to help have enabled me to become a better golfer and a better person, and I can’t thank him enough.”


Matt Robinson

William Jessup University Head Coach for Men's and Women's Golf

For the last 7 years I have had the privilege of calling Noah Montgomery my golf coach and a true friend. Before Noah and I met 7 years ago, I was on the verge of quitting golf. I found minimal enjoyment playing the game and found myself at a complete standstill. Meeting Noah was the pivotal component to my golf game. He has taken my game to new levels and has provided me the coaching for 2 collegiate victories, 2 professional victories, and a US Women’s Open appearance matching the most birdies (5) first round with Michelle Wie to name a few. He is beyond knowledgable in swing mechanics, the way he articulates the golf game, the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the game. He has truly revolutionized my golf game and my perspective on life. Noah is the one that cares, that stays up all hours of the night thinking about my swing, he is the one that is always in my corner day in and day out without fail. I am so thankful to be a part of Hit With The Truth. I attribute all my success to his ability to coach the game of golf.


Paige Lee

Symetra Tour Player

I have always said that the single biggest advantage of becoming a PGA Member is the amazing people you can meet. I first met Noah when I was teaching his Level 1 PGA Teaching & Coaching class in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He stood out because he reminded me of myself; sitting in the back of the room, arms crossed, listening intently but skeptical, I liked him immediately. His questions were nuanced, pointed and made obvious the fact that he loved learning and teaching the game. Over the next couple of years Noah and I have developed a strong friendship, shared ideas on teaching, coaching, parenting, ethics and any number of important and unimportant topics. I have always encouraged Noah to blaze his own trail in teaching golf. While we share similar frustrations in the direction some teachers have taken the game it is also crystal clear that those who care as much as Noah for their students will always see their players achieve their goals. The success his players are achieving is nothing short of amazing, and no surprise knowing how dedicated he is to them as people. I am very proud and honored to be part of Noah’s team. While I have enjoyed the many hours we have spent discussing the game of golf, I’m most grateful for the opportunity to call him a friend. Cheers to you my friend!!!

Brady Riggs

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America

Our three kids Kyle, Jordan, and Haley have all taken lessons from Coach Noah for the past two years. Noah has been more than a coach to our kids during these two years; he treats our kids like his own family. Coach Noah, you see each of our kids as individuals and coach them base on what their needs are as individual athletes. The lesson Coach Noah has taught to our kids over the years has improved their overall golf game. Thank you Noah for all your support and love you have given to our family.

Art Wong


Noah Montgomery is my dad as well as my golf coach. I am proud to say this because he is the person who is always there for you and will never give up. He will never give you false information or wrong information. He will always tell you what you are doing wrong and ways that you can fix it. He will give you different ways to fix the same problem in your golf swing until you have fixed it. He has always told me that your emotions play into your golf game the most. If you want to have a successful golf career you need to have your emotions in check. He has helped me realize this and has helped me work on not being mad if I didn’t hit the exact shot that I wanted to hit or if I miss read the green and just missed the putt. He has told me that if I believe in myself that I can go a long way and be able to do anything I want to do. He is a great coach because he will believe in you. He believes you can do whatever you want to do. He is a coach that never gives up on you no matter how much effort it takes. He will find a way to help you and when you are not playing as good as you want and you are getting down on yourself he will find a way to bring your confidence level up so you will play better. He has many students and has never let any of them down. I am proud to call him my coach because he always knows how to help me and what I need to work on to get better. He is the reason that I have gotten as far as I have. I would not be as good as I am today it it wasn’t for him. Everything I have accomplished was with his help.


Hanna Montgomery


Noah is very good working on swing mechanics especially getting maximum distance from Ayden. Since working with Noah, Ayden has increased his distance on his drive on average 20-30 yards. We are impressed with his knowledge of both the game and the golf swing. Not only is Noah very good at teaching Ayden the mechanical and physical aspects of golf, but also what he has taught us both about the mental aspect of the game. This has really made a difference in our enjoyment of the game. I give Noah’s coaching style most of the credit for this. Noah makes learning fun and Ayden has enjoyed his lessons with him. He always knows just what to say to Ayden to get him to focus. The lessons were productive and always a lot of fun.

Eli and Rochelle Febres


Noah is a very effective coach to say the least. He somehow found a way to get my stubborn and way-too logical kid to listen, which in itself is a miracle. After some time, I realized Noah is guiding her approach to life through the sport of golf. Of course, the toughness from this ex-Oakland police officer is never something that I could convey to her. Golf is a sport of difficulty, constant struggle, unreachable perfection, with only occasional sunshine. As a parent of a perfectionist kid, I was never able to get her to appreciate a bad shot with a good result. Noah did it and somehow teach her to move on to next swing. After 4 long years and almost the end of her college golf career, I truly appreciate his presence in our journey. Noah is a great coach and now a great friend.

Chang-Chi Liu


I’ve only known Noah for about a month. However he has helped my game more than any other coach I have had before. He is a great guy who really cares about his students. I’m looking forward to continuing working with him and getting to know him.

Dale Thomas


Noah is more than a swing coach or golf instructor. Noah is a mentor, a friend, a confidant, a voice of reason. My experiences with Noah have extended far beyond the golf course. When I was at my lowest, he was there for me and supported me as if I had known him for years. The first time I met him, I laughed more in an hour than I had in the previous 3 weeks. He listened to me and helped me work through some issues I was having. To this day, I know that Noah always has my back- through thick and thin. I trust him and respect him as family. He was my support system away from home. Thanks for everything, Noah! You’re truly the best.

Daniela Anastasi


What Noah has taught or proven to be true is that real friendships are forever.


Geoff Evers


Coach Noah is not just a good coach, he is the mentor & father figure to our kids, as well as a great friend to us! We are so fortunate to have Noah in our life!!

Bertha Wong


Noah has helped me become a better golfer and see the why not just the how to hit a golf ball well. More than that, he has really been a benefit to me is as a friend. We have shared ideas and contemplated the fate of the world and how to fix it. We have shared laughs and frustrations and always found a way to build each other up and remind ourselves there is some good in the world. Thank you for giving me the honor of your instruction, even if I am probably your oldest student, and the pleasure of your friendship.

James Shields


Noah, you are not only a great golf coach but a great family friend. Your relentless dedication to the game and your players is only match by the energy you bring to the golf course each and everyday. After every session we have I feel better about my swing and know what I need to work on. It is your personality that inspires your players to stay focused and committed to their goals. Off the course you’re just as helpful being able to provide sincere feedback regarding any circumstance. Not to mention your award winning barbecue! Noah, I sincerely appreciate your time, energy and effort you share with my family.


Jordan Sato


I met Noah a year ago for bringing some students to the summer camp. At that time I already knew he is a very good coach because I saw the passion about golf in his eyes. I am interested in golf since I work for this company for 4 years. Now I move up to Darkhorse, I should pick up my golf again. So I asked Noah if he is able to teach me. That’s how I start learning golf at the very begin level from him. I did learn how to golf for a while but I still can’t hit the ball well even I practiced for long time and then I stop because I did not want to hit balls in the wrong way. Now I have an opportunity to learn from Noah, I trust him as a golf profession and friend, I have zero worry learning golf from him. The way Noah taught me I can understand directly because he communicates with me using my language which means anything I feel connect with. Now my skill improves a lot with his “magic”!!! I am glad to meet him and feel lucky that I can learn from him.

Kama Zhang


I have been taking lessons from Noah for 4 years now, since the start of my college career at the University of San Francisco, till now close to my graduation. As someone who has been playing golf competitively for 11 years, Noah is hands down the best coach I have seen. Although it doesn’t do it justice, it’s easiest to explain what I have learned from Noah in 3 categories. First, swing mechanics and anything else that has to do with striking the ball. Noah has taught me to understand my swing, and why certain shots (long or short) happen in a cause-and-effect fashion. As a player, this is a huge advantage, so I know exactly what the clubhead was doing to produce a certain shot and I can figure out how to adjust from there. I remember very distinctly being amazed at the pitch shots and bunker shots that I was hitting during my first lesson with Noah. How could I be producing these shots? And who is this guy that can get me to hit these shots in my first lesson?? Four years later I can confidently say that putting is the strongest part of my game and all of my improvements have been directly because of Noah. Secondly, Noah has helped me become mentally stronger on the course. Coming into my freshman year of college I was battling demons on and off the course that I was not even aware of. I had no idea and Noah saw them before I did. He has managed to get a girl who just wanted to drop the club and run off the course, to rip through the ball in a way she didn’t know she could. He has been by my side encouraging me and teaching me to stand strong and to “go through the fear.” I now genuinely enjoy the game and, with Noah’s guidance, learned what it means to truly play golf. And lastly, my biggest gains with Noah have been in my understanding of life. As someone who constantly saw what was wrong with life, Noah got me to appreciate what was right with life. How incredibly lucky I was to be on scholarship playing D1 golf at a great University. This is not to say that everything is butterflies and rainbows, of course Noah is always the first one to hit me with the reality checks that I need. That people in life will not care if I’m “trying”, they will care if I am producing, and getting the job done. Noah has taught me to stand on my own two feet, take control of my own life, and work as hard as I can to get what I want. I see him as such a big role model; so much so that I decided my goal in life is to be able to help people the way that he has helped me. The biggest advantage of having Noah as a coach is that he teaches all three of these aspects all together. It is so fluid, I didn’t even know he was doing all of this till years later when I could look back on it. Because of Noah, I am a better, stronger, and happier person. I am much more secure and comfortable in my own skin because I know he will always have my back and he knows I will always have his–no matter what. He has stood by my side in my darkest hour even when it came at a cost to him. I am so grateful to call Noah my Coach, Mentor, and most of all my Friend.

IMG_4863 2

Kimberly Liu

Student/Air Force Officer

Coach Noah has been working with Reese (13) and Niko (8) for over 3 years and has helped them become better players but most importantly better kids. His attention to detail is one of a kind! What I love most about him is his commitment and passion to coaching. When the boys are having a rough time on/off the course or struggling mentally he always makes time to speak to them. He has helped the boys tremendously with their golf swing and attitude and it shows in the way they carry themselves on the course. I would recommend Noah to players who are passionate about golf and are looking for a life coach.

Marissa Sato


Since day 1 of working with Noah it has been nothing but rapid improvement. His style of coaching is much different than most traditional coaches. He becomes a family member and a life coach. We have been with him for the past 3 years and words cannot describe the path he has paved for Reese and Niko! Their abilities have surpassed my expectations for the time we have been with him. Reese has accomplished major goals this year one being state champion and low round of 66. We can hardly wait to see the progress in the upcoming years!

Michael Sato


Noah has been my coach for three years and he’s helped me achieve my goals in golf and in life. Noah is funny and caring and sticks with me no matter what. He’s helped me become the golfer and person I am today and I couldn’t have done any of it without him. Just this year, I have accomplished many things from winning state championships to shooting my career low 66. He surrounds me with amazing people who push me harder to do better. Throughout my career, he’s helped me with my swing but most of all mentally.


Reese Sato


My coach is Noah. He’s been my coach for 3 years. When I’m struggling with my golf swing he fixes it and tells me what I’m doing wrong. And helps me improve my golf game. What I like most about my coach is that he is cool, funny, and friendly. That is why I think my coach is the best!


Niko Sato


The things that honestly resonate with me from Noah as a coach are when the first time we met where he said “This game is only going to give you what you put into it” and then the other comment that is memorable to me is “Golf doesn’t owe you anything it doesn’t care who you are how big you are how many heart surgeries you have had or what your last name is you want this game to give you something in return you have to go grab it”. And also his favorite comment to me “Turn Dummy” LOL!


Nick Fowler


The goals I have accomplished within the game of golf these last few years could not have been done without you great, simplistic coaching. You’ve given all your students such an easy understanding and so many tools to make this game as easy as possible. You have given a true definition to the term, Hit With The Truth. I doesn’t only mean teaching how the game should be played, but the honesty all players should have when playing and throughout life. I want to give you a huge thank you for helping me achieve these goals I set for myself such as winning multiple two day tournaments, consistently shooting under par, signing a multi-year D1 golf scholarship, and overall making a better, hard-working person. Can’t wait for the for the success to come for the both of us over the next few years!


Presley Mackelburg


Noah was my first coach ever since I stopped being taught by my dad, and he completely changed golf for me. Before working with Noah, I never really understood the golf swing and what caused the results I was getting. From working with Noah for the last two years, I have gained enough knowledge about my swing to recognize what is causing the shots I am hitting, and effectively make adjustments. After working with Noah, my swing has become more reliable and I feel like I am swinging better now than I ever have. The best part is that Noah has helped me develop a swing I can trust under pressure. Noah also has worked wonders on how I approach the game of Golf. Noah taught me many ways to handle and thrive under the pressure. He taught me how to control the nerves and adrenaline and how to use them to my advantage. He has helped me with handling both the ups and downs of golf, and has taught me not to judge myself or my self-worth based on the number I am shooting. I am continually working on these mental aspects of the game, and the better I get at doing what Noah has taught me, the freer I am to play the best golf that I can. Noah has taught me that life isn’t all just about golf, so I want to talk a little about him and what he as done for me off the course. Noah’s lessons don’t just stay on the golf course, they stay with me and help me throughout other aspects of life. We have had countless talks and phone calls just to talk about things going on in our lives. He has shared with me his experiences to help me gain a better perspective of life, and has helped me through some tough times. Noah has shown me friendship better than I ever knew it before. He showed me what it is like for someone that wasn’t family to truly care about me without having any outside intentions. He did this through himself, and then he showed me again through the family he has created among him and his students. Now I am great friends with some of his students and there is nothing but love and respect among us all. Noah is a great leader and constantly helps instill these leadership qualities into his students to try to make them better people, as well as golfers. If I were to describe Noah in just a few words, I would say his is strong, kind, caring, genuine, loyal, and a great leader. One of my favorite things about Noah is that if he gives you his word, you can count on him never to go back on it. He is one of the best friends that I have ever had, and he changed my life for the better. Noah stepped into my life, took me for how I was, and made me more confident and happier both as a person and as a golfer, and I will always be grateful for him.

0313_BigWest_180501_D5500_La Puente

Ryan Han


I think Noah has a special talent to see the see the full 360° of the golfer. By this I mean I think it’s fairly easy for him to coach up the physical golf game, but the hardest part of coaching is understanding the mental part of the golfer, and how to leverage that while weaving in golf mechanics to get the most out of the individual, and Noah does this very well. It’s fun to see him interact with Hayden during lessons, and use his magic to keep him engaged when he attempts to teach complex mechanics of the golf swing. Each lesson we always come away with a positive experience and that’s worth its weight in gold. Noah has also inspired Hayden to appreciate the work it takes to build his physical strength and athleticism, and how that translates to helping him achieve his goals of becoming a better golfer, and an overall better athlete in general.

Jason Sanders


Noah Montgomery, Hit With The Truth. Coach, Mentor, Friend For the last 18 months I have been lucky enough to be a part of Team Hit With The Truth. The leader of this team is Coach Noah Montgomery. One of Noah’s students is Indian Touring Professional Gaganjeet Bhullar. I have been Gaganjeet’s caddie for the last 7 years. Being on Tour for the last 10 years I have seen and met many coaches. There is nobody like Noah Montgomery out there that’s for sure! Not only is Noah devoted to his students. He cares about each and every one of them. I have seen this from the amount of time Noah has given me. This is coming from someone who isn’t even taking a swing! As Gaganjeet’s caddie and Noah as his coach. We both have a responsibility to help Gaganjeet achieve his potential. Noah does this at the practice facility and I do it during the tournament rounds. We spend a lot of time working with each other to improve our skills so we can better Gaganjeet. Noah seems to be available all hours of the day. This is one of his best qualities. Being in Asia we are usually 15 hours apart. If I need to go over a round, talk about life or just have a laugh Noah is easy to reach. I know I’ve cost him some hours of sleep! For that I’m greatly appreciative! In the time we’ve been together our Team has won 3 titles on the Asian Tour. I believe Noah’s influence and hard work has made our recent success possible. 2018 is near and I couldn’t be more excited to work with Noah and Hit with The Truth! There is no easy way to the top…There’s only hard work – Noah Montgomery

Tim Cox

Professional Caddie

Not only is Noah a great teacher but he is a great friend . He has helped elevate my game and with his knowledge and expertise. Thank you Noah for all you do.

IMG_0008 2

Colby Wesenhagen


I’ve only worked with him once and going to see him again tomorrow. I would have to say, instant change of my mind set going into my pre shot and post shot routine. He has made huge impact in only one session.

Audra Kepler